Inspired by Greek mythology, biblical parables, and classical narratives, Alexander Mollov creates illustrations abundant in symbolism and mysticism. We are transported into his rich imagination through exquisite graphic illustrations distinguished by delicate strokes and attention to detail. Each illustration is meticulously crafted by hand on cardboard, employing skillful use of colored ink and a rapidograph pen.

“In my paintings, I strive to construct a surreal visual narrative that takes us into the world of myths and legends. My desire is to challenge the viewers to immerse themselves in the depth of story and decipher the hidden messages within each symbol, form, or color.”


Over the years, Alexander Mollov has illustrated numerous books of poetry, short stories and novels, including illustrations for children’s fairy tales.“Magic” is one of his most recent books with illustrated poetry. Creating illustrations for a given poetic verse is a specific and skillful task, so not every artist embarks on it easily.

“As an artist creating illustrations for poetry, my goal is to visually capture the essence of the verses and enhance the emotional impact of the written word through the artwork. Each illustration is a visual interpretation of the text, reflecting its themes, mood, and tones.”

Vladislav Ikonomov was a Bulgarian director, writer, screenwriter, and lecturer at NATFA.The illustrations for his book ‘For One Million Dollars and Other Unfilmed Movies’ are stories related to his unfinished film productions. In this successfully completed collaborative project, two creative forces came together in a challenging collaboration between the director and the illustrator.

“He was one of the most intelligent and erudite individuals I have ever met in my life, and it was a tremendous privilege for me to have the happiness and opportunity to work with someone like him. This book represents a small part of his numerous projects.”