• Interview for EUROPE Мagazine

    Interview for EUROPE Мagazine

    ALEXANDER MOLLOV: WORLD OF MOTION AND SIGNS For Alexander Mollov, ​​art is a world of movement. A movement that goes into sign. The world is a series of signs that hide within themselves the feeling of music, heard by everyone in his own way. For the artist, the shade is not so important as the…

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  • The Story of St. Nicholas Icon

    The Story of St. Nicholas Icon

    Kosovo is a small and cozy village with picturesque views and wild nature. It is located between the hills of the Osogovo Mountain, scattered among many remote neighborhoods. The small church was built on a hill and surrounded by nature. It was built in 1885 and bears the name “St. Nicholas the Wonderworker”, and next…

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  • Wine Cellar TODOROFF

    Wine Cellar TODOROFF

    With great inspiration, I worked on creating the logo for the Todoroff winery. In 2002, I received this “bittersweet” proposal and did not refuse it. The logo is printed on the labels of the wine bottles to this day. The job offer was not only for creating the logo but also for making an annual…

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