Alexander Mollov is a Bulgarian surrealist artist. Born in the capital, he studied illustration at the National Academy of Art “Nikolay Pavlovich.” After years of education at the academy,he actively developed and perfected his talent, ultimately creating his own individual and recognizable style of work. He engaged in various projects, which allowed him to explore multiple spheres of art. In addition to being an illustrator and painter, he showcased his creativity in theater and cinema. He worked on creating models for the first Bulgarian science fiction film,”The Father of the Egg,” and also found success as a scenographer at the pantomime theater “Movement,” where he worked as an art director.

Surrealism lies at the core of his artistic creations. While during his education he was mainly inspired by Rembrandt, later his favorite sources of inspiration and creativity became Salvador Dalí, Magritte, Beksinski and many others. His narrative inspiration derives primarily from Greek mythology, biblical stories and parables. Symbolic images and signs, intricately woven into both painting and illustration, are characteristic of his artwork.Initially unobtrusive and not immediately visible, they lend a sense of completeness, meaning, and depth. His artistic vision is also distinguished by a subconscious influence of lightness and airiness. His works have been exhibited in galleries primarily in Europe, and some of them have also found a place in private art collections.