For Alexander Mollov, ​​art is a world of movement. A movement that goes into sign. The world is a series of signs that hide within themselves the feeling of music, heard by everyone in his own way. For the artist, the shade is not so important as the plot in the painting. That’s why the specialty he chooses when studying at the Academy of Arts in Sofia is illustration. His contact with Prof. Rumen Skorchev, with whom he studied, was extremely fruitful. His work as a scenographer at the National Palace of Culture-Sofia and artistic director of the “Movement” theater gives him a lot. Communicating with the actor Velyo Goranov in the theater and with the artist and director Anri Kulev in the cinema is an opportunity for the author to form a different type of thinking. He is not attracted to the abstract and is not tempted to direct his art in that direction. Mainly with him is the figurative beginning, the plot is what leads.

Alexander Mollov seeks and finds the source of his inspiration in Eastern and Greek mythology. He is excited by the philosophical interpretation and his insights into objects and phenomena.
From the signs that history bequeaths, he passes through modern times and gives his interpretations for the future. He is not a slave to dogmas and thanks to this he develops his style. He likes the art of Dürer, Rembrandt and Dali very much and learns from them. The authentic touch in his works is somewhat influenced by these old masters. He originally created his graphic works in the etching technique, but recently he paints with ink. In this way, it excludes the print and gives priority to the original. Drawing gives him pleasure, and this manual technique is carried out with ease. He has illustrated more than fifteen books of poems, selected fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and Andersen, etc.

The artist creates not only graphics and illustration, but also painting. And in his paintings he also includes the symbol. His paintings are based on allegories, influenced to a certain extent by surrealism. The author is also under the influence of mythology here. Mysticism and mysterious and incomprehensible things at first glance are essential in his painting. Poetry also stimulated him to create paintings. Philosophical and biblical themes excite him and are the basis of the plots he creates.

With his solo exhibitions, the artist opened in Germany, Greece, Cyprus and in various cities of Bulgaria. He also carries out projects with French art patrons. His works are in the residences in Boyana and Gorna Banya, and the triptych “Responsibility” is in the headquarters of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms in Sofia. In this work of his, the idea of ​​responsibility towards the values ​​of the Christian and Muslim religions is embedded.

In the art of Alexander Mollov there are many mysteries and mysteries of the world in which we live. It is an art influenced by the past, which the author refracts through his gaze and strives to leave his messages for those who come after us.